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September challenge turned into the 52-week challenge!

Anna Green, 52 week challenge.

Back in the summer, one early morning I was driving home from the gym with my friend Antonia. She turned to me and said, “do you fancy swimming in the sea every day for a month?” I said, “yeah, why not?” I have always loved being in the sea and used to do a bit of surfing and windsurfing, so it was a good excuse to get in there more often. The sea was warmer in September, and apart from having to swim early in the morning before work, or late and in the dark, I loved it. We quickly decided to keep swimming through October, and as winter set in still did not want to stop!

On January 1st I signed up to the 52-week challenge... 2 swims a week for a year, no wetsuit. It is a challenge but every week I cannot wait to get back in the water. The cold takes your breath away but very quickly you get used to it and all the world’s problems disappear while you are in there. It is so beautiful and whatever the weather, nature is full of surprises and is always stunning.

2020 has not been easy for anyone and 2021 is not getting any easier (yet), but swimming gives me a focus for the week, and reminds me that people are just one part of this big world and we must enjoy every minute and be kind to nature and each other. Really appreciate the 365... this amazing group of humans that form a big support group of ready-made friends! Oh, and we are raising money to help our lovely seals and local seawater pool too!!

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