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What They Do



'Inspiring Change'

The project is set up to celebrate the lives of both wildlife and people in and around Churston Cove, Brixham, Devon.

This exciting collaboration of conservation and community creates opportunities for learning and sharing, all focused on ‘The Cove’.

We aim to raise awareness of this important wild space for both humans and wildlife.

This is a celebration of a unique haven of beautiful thriving habitats, peaceful beaches and vibrant woodlands.

Many thousands of people visit the cove annually. With continued increases in human and wildlife activity, we are looking to promote sustainable balanced ecosystems and celebrate natural beauty for the benefit of all.

We emphasize transparency in everything we do, setting bold goals and pursuing a clear strategy that pushes beyond boundaries. The project is constantly growing and adapting to the changes of society and nature, and together we can create changes that will benefit all species. 

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Protecting and restoring Devon's natural beauty by funding local nature-based solutions

At least 30% of Devon ‘for nature’ by 2030.
Given the scale of the climate and nature emergencies, our ambition is to protect and restore at least 30% of Devon’s land and water by 2030.
We will work with local partners to implement bold nature regeneration projects that can be replicated and scaled to leave a positive legacy for future generations.



Make a Difference in the Community

We are extremely proud to have been accepted as an associate partner of the English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark (ERUGGp). This has been a result of our efforts in conservation, education, community & the environment. the ERUGGp will promote, support, facilitate, encourage the 365 Sea Swim Challenge on a local, national, or international level. We are very much looking forward to this partnership & continuing the growth & good work that the 365 are involved with.

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Plastic free shorelines - Oceans of possibility

Till the Coast is Clear is a Community Interest Company striving to make the world a better place, one piece of plastic and one happy soul at a time. We regenerate places and people by clearing shorelines of plastic pollution using special recyclable boats and a fleet of kayaks made from recycled fishing nets, all crewed by volunteers, from all walks of life.
Improving the condition of our natural environment and connecting people to the great outdoors for improved physical and mental health is our mission, we call it ‘Active Regeneration’ and it works.
The scale of the challenges that face us all are daunting. Working together and getting stuck in is the only solution. So, let’s get cracking, there is lots to be done :)



Make a Difference in the Community

Torbay Cleaner Coasts Initiative aims to clean up and protect the coastal habitats in Torbay, Devon. It is formed by the following organisations: Fathoms Free, Tide, Living Coasts, Community Seagrass Initiative, Marine Management Organisation, Torbay Harbour Office, Torbay Council, Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust, Nautilus Dive Charters and British Divers Marine Life Rescue. Torbay Cleaner Coasts Initiative is a unique partnership between environmental charities, local authorities and commercial operators, each bringing their own perspective and capabilities, united in their passion for protecting the environment from the issues it faces today. Its main objective is to prevent and reduce marine litter pollution in Torbay and its impact on marine organisms, habitats, public health and safety as well as reduce the socioeconomic costs it causes.

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Change Starts Here

To increase the voice of coastal ecology and positive communities, influencing change for both individuals and on behalf of the environment
1. Help protect Torbay's wild and managed coastal habitats
2. Encourage conservation and educational activity for all people connected with coastal communities
3. Help maintain safer communities in social and natural environments
4. Support a collaborative partnership approach to find the best solutions to environmental community challenges.
5. Support local, regional and national initiatives to support safer coastal community in Torbay.
From varied backgrounds in; conservation, education, business development, fundraising and enforcement, we have the collective capability to manage and deliver impactful and interesting projects for the benefit of residents of Torbay.

Friends & Partners: Programs

Working together for conservation & environmental awareness

Friends & Partners: Programs


Working with Looe Marine Conservation Group to install crab line & drop net recycling stations around Brixham harbour.
Recreational crabbing can be fun & educational for a family day out, if done respectfully and for the welfare of the crab.
Our mission is to educate & improve the understanding of crab welfare & the environmental impact of marine plastics, giving presentations to Primary School children,creating educational videos  & hosting crab friendly crabbing competitions.

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