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Swim safety pack includes orange, Hi-vis tow float, bright orange 365 swim hat, sea safety whistle &  strip of Genuine SOLAS reflective tape. Meets the requirements set out by the "International Maritime Organization" for Safety-Of-Life-At-Sea. It is intended you affix the tape to the float for additional reflective visibility.

Swimming Tow Float Safety Pack

  • Swimming Tow Float


    1. Ensure tow float is fully deflated before use

    2. Roll top down to “foldable area”

    3. Clip the clasp together

    4. Gently open the valve counter clockwise & inflate

    5. Close valve when sufficiently inflated

    6. Do not over inflate

    7. Adjust belt to fit snug around waistline


    Intended use:

    To be used as a visual safety aid for swimmers in open water, Sea & wild swimming.

    This float is not a buoyancy aid

    This float is not a life saving device



    Keep away from sharp objects & excessive heat

    Take care when packing, avoid scrunching & tearing of material

    This is not intended as a bag, do not carry objects in it



    This basic tow float is designed as a visual safety aid when swimming in open water. It will make your position more visible to other swimmers, boats, jet skis & people on the shore.

    If you find yourself in a position of danger use the safety whistle provided to draw attention.

    Swim safety is paramount in open water. Tides, current, wind, depth, temperature & fatigue are all to be considered before entering the water.

    If unsure seek advice from an experienced or qualified open water swimmer.


    Swim smart, swim safe.


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