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Josephine our very first 52 week challenge

Meet Josephine Rogers, we're super excited for Josie to start as our very first 52 week challenge!

I am taking part in the 52 week sea swim challenge which is ran by 365 Sea Swim Challenge Brixham!

This challenge includes me swimming in open water at least twice a week, every week for a year, without a wetsuit.

I will be raising money for Horizons Children's Sailing Charity, who enable under privileged and disabled children the opportunity to be involved in sailing activities in Plymouth. Over 1,000 children and vulnerable adults go sailing with them every year and they have the only powerboat in Plymouth specially built to carry wheelchairs safely.

As well as this, 20% of my fundraising will also go to 365's legacy fund, which is: The Seal Project & Shoalstone Seawater Pool. This is the reason I've done a personal page, so I'm able to split the funds equally.

Thank you for donating! It'll help me get through on the cold days! Lots of love, Josephine. X

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