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Antarctica champion joins 365 Winter Warrior Challenge

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

We are very proud & honored that Cath Pendleton 'The Merthyr Mermaid' has joined the 365 Winter Warrior Challenge.

Cath is a true inspiration for all wild swimmers & cold water junkies, after her achievements in Antarctica. Cath was the first human to swim a mile that far South within the Antarctic circle, a truly superhuman effort.

What's truly remarkable about Cath & her family, they are so down to earth, humble & kind. This is a trait I have found in many wild swimmers & one of the reasons why sea swimming appeals to me & like minded individuals.


You can watch Cath's incredible journey on the BBC iplayer 'The Merthyr Mermaid'.

It inspires me & I'm sure it will do the same for.

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