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365 Crab Line Recycling Scheme

Last year Duncan & I had the discussion about ways to improve the crabbing situation in Brixham. We were concerned about the amount of single use plastic that was being left around the harbour from recreational crabbing. Crab lines, drop nets & buckets being the main culprits we thought about ways to reduce the plastic being left & often finding its way into the sea, becoming a contributor to the ongoing problem of plastic pollution in our oceans, not to mention the risk of entanglement to marine wildlife.

We had looked at plastic free crab lines & we discovered a great scheme in Looe, Cornwall. The Crab Line Recycling Scheme set up by Looe Marine Conservation Group seemed like a great idea and one that could be effective in our hometown of Brixham. We made contact & struck up a great relationship, meeting likeminded people with common goals.

We set about drumming up support for the scheme and we were overwhelmed by the response from businesses, Town Council & most importantly local people, it appeared we had touched on something which many folks were passionate about. Fair to say it did not take long to raise the funds to get the project up & running!

We now have four Crab Line & Drop net recycling bins ready to deploy around Brixham harbour. Our first objective is to trial run two bins during May Bank Holiday then introduce the remaining bins for the busy summer holidays.

The response we have received from Brixham's retailers has also been amazing, with 100% of the shops we spoke to offering non plastic crab line alternatives, a great step forward in reducing the plastic versions.

So, we are asking visitors & locals who choose to go crabbing in Brixham, please use the recycling bins for all plastic crab lines & drop nets, use the non-plastic alternatives, support the scheme & make a difference in our amazing town. And remember......

Be kind to crabs, they have feelings too.

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