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Do you love the sea & wild swimming? Would you like to raise funds for local causes? Experience the benefits of cold-water swimming? Sign up and start your 365 journey today!



inspiring others

Our Mission:

To raise vital funds for local community projects, improve people’s mental & physical wellbeing, rewilding marine habitats (Seagrass), reconnect people with nature and wild spaces, conservation, beach cleans and community engagement.

Founded out of friendship & a desire to embrace the sea & it's changing tides, temperament & environment.  Myself (Chris Thomas) & Rob Hunt embarked on our self imposed challenge, to swim in the sea, every day for one year without wetsuits. On completion of our journey we have donated over £10,000, created a community of support, assisted local conservation groups & educated ourselves & friends. This has become the bedrock for the 365.




We are extremely proud to have been accepted as an associate partner of the English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark (ERUGGp). This has been a result of our efforts in conservation, education, community & the environment. the ERUGGp will promote, support, facilitate, encourage the 365 Sea Swim Challenge on a local, national, or international level. We are very much looking forward to this partnership & continuing the growth & good work that the 365 are involved with.



We are very excited to be leading this scheme in Brixham. The threat to marine wildlife from lost or discarded crab lines & drop nets is a serious issue for coastal towns. We teamed up with Looe Marine Conservation Group who have a great model working in Cornwall, which we have repeated in & around Brixham harbour.

Crab Stations.jpg


It is really exciting for us to have the opportunity to talk, & engage with young people. We have some amazing children at our local Primary Schools who have already developed opinions and knowledge about conservation and environmental impact factors. We have talked with them about the importance of reducing plastic waste in our oceans, recycling & marine wildlife welfare.

Stoke Gabriel Primary School


We now have a trained Marine Mammal Medic as part of our team. We see this as a vital inclusion to our skill set, as it will enable us to assist the Seal Project on any seal pub call outs.

BDMLR course.jpg


Involving the local community is a vital part of the 365, building strong team bonds & friendships. We are recruiting an incredible group of volunteers, collecting the material & sorting for recycling. The 365 have teamed up with Odyssey Innovations who will be using the plastic to make ocean kayaks.



It Starts With the Will to Make a Difference

The 365 Sea Swim Challenge has so far donated £11,165.14 shared between  The Seal Project & Shoalstone Seawater Pool. We continue to raise awareness  for these causes & look for other local projects in need.
News of fundraising from those taking part in 365 & 52 week challenges coming soon!


Our message: Give wildlife space, Do not feed wild seals, Be kind.

The Torbay Seal Project is a Grey seal conservation project in Torbay which contributes to scientific research and help us further understand this globally rare mobile species. In addition to data collection & management the project aims to raise awareness of the need to protect Grey seals in Torbay and create ways in which communities and visitors can support such as educational talks.


Sitting on the edge of Brixham's rugged coastline. During summer months the pool is a haven for locals & holiday makers, providing generations of pool users, with fond memories of long summer days & refreshing dips in the pool. 

Out of season the entire pool area is open to the winter weather & regularly gets battered by easterly storms, causing damage to railings, concrete surfaces, changing areas & facilities.

These repairs & general maintenance are paid for by donations & volunteers, we would like to help maintain the history & heritage for future generations.


Chris Thomas

The 365 Sea Swim Challenge is so much greater than it may first seem. Swim in the sea for a year? sounds great, some might say easy. But then ask yourself, why? Why would someone drag themselves into the sea in the middle of winter, in the rain, maybe in the dark just to fulfil one day of a 365-day challenge.

Because the 365 gives you a reason to get up & out every day, it takes you to a place where, if you had not joined, you maybe would not go. It puts people in the wild, you feel alive, refreshed, reset & for some healed. When you sign up for the 365 you join a community, a growing family of support & like-minded people all with their own cause but with a common goal, to give a little back.

 Each 365 challenger has their own personal goals & ambitions, raising awareness for a charity or cause, to win their own personal battles & recover from past experience, everyone’s 365 journey is unique. But we all have that common bond of the sea or wild space we choose to swim.

I choose the 365 to do a little bit of good in my community, I believe I can inspire others to do the same & a little bit of good is not a bad thing.